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“Our children thoroughly enjoyed the newspaper clubs. It not only got them writing but helped them organise themselves into a newsroom and got the girls and boys interested in what was going on at their school. I would certainly recommend other schools get involved.” Mr Shields, Primrose Hill Primary School

“What a brilliant selection of writing, cleverly presented using IT. I like the fact the children’s ICT skills have been used to enhance what was already some brilliant writing.” Simon Blower, Deputy head teacher

“Great job to all! I really enjoyed each aspect of these pieces…from what you chose to name your newspaper, to the picture you highlighted, to the name of your article, and finally, to the parts of the story you chose to highlight. I found myself anxiously waiting to flip to each piece to see what you had each done differently. How cool is it that you could all do such unique things with the same assignment. Keep up the good work!”

S. Moo, Author of The Fassa Tails

“I love using the ipads and website to create my own newspaper. I can turn what was once a basic word document into a great newspaper.” Jessica, Year 8, Westhoughton High School

“Great workshop with the NewsAcademy where Y1s used ipads to create newspaper articles based on nursery rhymes” Miss kingsley, St Johns CE Primary School, Stockport

“The website we use to create our newspaper is great. I not only use it in our newspaper club but create my own newspapers as part of my homework in other subjects. It’s really simple to use.” Stella, Year 8 St Bedes High School

“I use the website to do my homework as it saves time as I don’t have to mess with text boxes and layout – this does it for me. I’ve just finished a newspaper on the Romans which got me the best mark in the class!” Liam, Year 9 Balshaw High School

“The newspaper session was great. I had never thought about reporting as a career but the session showed me how I can write about things I like – football!” Tom, year 6, St Georges Primary School

“Some of these headlines are just pure genius, and the leads are excellent! Knowing how to write a news report and publish it in digital format is such an essential skill for today’s world. I am also impressed students are learning a classic tale in such a creative way!” Steven Symes, Utah, USA (via

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