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Newspaper activities

Published on May 21, 2013

The News Academy offers a wide range of newspaper and journalism workshops and activities for schools. Our literacy programme has been designed with teachers and pupils in mind to support and enhance lessons. Our team of journalists come into the classroom and work with pupils on fun and interactive newspaper activities. We work with pupils from year 4 right up to year 10 and 11 in schools across the UK.

By creating the buzz of a real newsroom, we make creative writing exciting and fun. We bring the outside world into the classroom and our experts give pupils an insight into news and newspapers. As part of our journalism sessions, we actively promote real life skills such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, interview skills and self-confidence.

Introducing newspapers and journalism within a professional setting into the classroom gives pupils the opportunity to experience newspapers in a new and memorable way.


Improve writing skills

Our newspaper workshops are filled with exciting tasks that support classroom teaching on journalistic report writing. They are aimed at improving report writing, listening and speaking skills in the classroom. The journalism sessions can help narrow the gap between boys and girls writing skills because boys enjoy the non-narrative, factual style of a newspaper report, sports/feature articles and writing with a sense of purpose within a structured literacy programme.

We offer:

  • Introductory newspaper and journalism workshops
  • Variety of newspaper report writing workshops
  • How to set up a class newsroom
  • Meet a journalist/photographer
  • Create a school newspaper

Making literacy lessons exciting

The News Academy uses the latest technology in our newspaper classroom sessions to get children excited about creative writing including iPads and digital cameras. Our team are all CRB qualified and have over 20 years’ experience in journalism and PR.

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