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About the News Academy

The News Academy is passionate about using newspapers within the classroom as a resource to improve writing, listening and presentation skills in schools. We believe strongly in the impact that newspaper activities can have on raising literacy attainment.

We bring technology and newspapers to the classroom, stimulating language, literacy and independent learning. Newspapers can reinforce, enrich and extend content across the curriculum and generate a real –world connection for students. By bringing the outside world into the classroom, it gives pupils from all backgrounds the opportunity to improve their self-confidence and esteem, reach their potential and make the most of their talents. Our programmes also support schools in evidencing their SMSC commitments.

We offer a range of different newspaper related literacy programmes and newspaper clubs including our unique digital publishing system which allows pupils to design their own newspapers on a PC or iPad, in the classroom or at home. We also work with the NHS and Councils to run themed newspapers encouraging students to research and write about health topics as well as cohesion projects creating multi-cultural cross community news teams helping children understand different cultures and faiths.

Our newspaper workshops are fun and interactive and give students the opportunity to experience newspapers within a professional setting. Completed work can be uploaded to our page on where it can be viewed and commented upon by schools and writers from around the world.

Our UK based team of journalists, come into classrooms to work directly with the students, offering more than 20 years’ experience in media and PR.  They are all enhanced DBS qualified.

We are based in Northbridge House, Elm Street Business Park, Burnley, BB10 1PD but operate across the UK.